99Jackals is an Award Winning Media Creation Agency. We work with companies, agencies, brands, marketers, and artists, to tell stories and create awareness. 
We’ve all heard it said: ‘Everything is Connected’, but it doesn’t have to be. We can see your project from start to finish, or just be a part of the process.
Concept, Development, Story, Storyboards, Design
Commercial, Branded Content, Documentary, Social
Editorial, Color, Audio
Emad Hashim
Founder (Head of Operations)

Emad has been in the Production/Post industry for over 20 years. His early years consisted of Producing/Editing on hit television shows (I love the 80’s, America’s Got Talent), award winning theatrical documentaries (Blood Road, Searching for Sound), and branded viral content (Red Bull, Under Armour, and many more). Recently he has been a regular at the NBC Olympic Games and a part of Red Bull’s award winning Branded content. He is now proud to be Heading Operations and occasionally Lead Editing special projects as Co-Founder of the fast-growing Production/Post Agency: 99Jackals.